Due to the high number of clients I support & typical volume of incoming requests, please follow the guidelines below to help cut down on unnecessary delays.

Before Submitting a Request:

  • Check the Knowledgebase
    Many questions or instructions for doing something yourself can be found in the online knowledgebase

  • Self-Maintenance Requests
    If the update is something that can be done using your VedaCMS or Form Sentry editor - clients are asked to first try making the change themselves before asking me to do it. These types of requests are usually prioritized lower than other tickets unless the reason you're unable to do it yourself is because of problems using the editor.

Details To Include for Type of Request:

Scenario #1: Something Isn't Working Properly...

The more details I have, the more quickly I can troubleshoot & fix it. Please follow these tips when reporting a problem:

  • Descriptive Email Subject:
    When emailing support@vedadesigns.net directly to request help - set the email subject to something that provides a general idea of what the request is for.  This allows me to better identify & prioritize pending requests as I scan through my inbox.

  • Provide As Much Detail As Possible:
    To help me better identify & troubleshoot problems - please describe the issue with as much detail as possible. Try to avoid vague statements like "My website isn't displaying correctly", as that doesn't tell me what's specifically happening. Instead, describe exactly what's not working, any error messages displayed & steps I can take to duplicate it. If the problem only happens on a specific page or version of your site (full vs mobile) - be sure to include those details as well.

  • Include System Specs: 
    If I can't duplicate the issue on my end - I'll need to try emulating your environment before I can troubleshoot properly. To do this, please send me technical details about the computer or device you're using, such as IP address, Operating System, Browser & Browser Version
    If you're not sure how to find this information - visit this page of my site to fetch the necessary details:

  • Provide Logins: 
    Include any logins I'll need (cPanel, Form Sentry, etc)

Scenario #2: Requesting Changes to your Website

If you need something changed that can't be done within your VedaCMS or Form Sentry account (or you prefer not doing it yourself) - be sure to include all the information & materials I'll need to make the change.  Examples include:

  • Design Photo Changes
    Include the new shots you'd like used & specify which pages they should go on. If any special editing is needed (blurring, cropping, tattoo removal, etc) - be sure to include this information as well

  • Color Palette Changes
    If your site uses one of my template designs, specify the new preset options you want to use (ie: Light vs Dark background versions, Accent color choice, pattern or accent changes). Otherwise, if requesting a custom color palette change - be sure to include a sample image that shows the specific hues you prefer for the new colors you want. Referencing another website that has the color you want is also helpful.

  • Logo/Font/Layout/Misc Changes:
    For other types of changes, try to provide any examples or samples that visually illustrate what you have in mind.  

 Other Important Info:

    Please try not to send multiple/separate email or tickets for the same issue. When requesting help or website changes, please send all replies or follow-ups from the original ticket or email thread you initially submitted the request from. Separate emails & tickets for the same issue make it more difficult to keep track of specific details & requests. If I'm delayed in responding and/or you want to check the current status of a request - just send a reply from the original email or ticket you sent.

    Please don't send new requests from an old email that was for something completely different & uses a subject line not related to the newest request being made. In order to effectively identify & prioritize incoming requests - I rely on descriptive & relevant subject lines that provide a general idea of what the email relates too.

    Also...although it's fine to specify multiple changes needed when submitting the initial request - please avoid adding completely new/different items later on after I've completed your original updates. I'm happy to make those extra changes, but they should be submitted as a new request so the other clients in my support queue aren't unfairly delayed.

    New requests can be sent through the Online Ticket Form or by emailing me directly at tara@vedadesigns.net or support@vedadesigns.net