Search Engines periodically crawl sites to add and update information for their databases. This makes it easier for potential clients to find you website by searching. They do this in 2 ways: Indexing is when Search Engines collect, parse, and store data to allow fast and accurate information retrieval. Indexing is done AFTER the engine’s web crawler has returned that information from your site. Following is the way search engines handle links on your site. If following is allowed, it increases the effectiveness of the algorithms used to determine where your site should be ranked. Not following reduces the effectiveness of these algorithms. You can control both of these for your photo gallery by following these steps: 

1. Log into VedaCMS and click "Settings".

  2. Click "Gallery Settings".

  3. Click "Additional Settings".


4. For the Search Engine Indexing setting, choose the selection in the
    drop-down that fits your needs.

  5. Click "Click Here to Save Changes".