If you will be ordering a template website, please be sure you've ready through everything below, as most template-related questions I receive are answered here.

What is a template website?

Template websites use a pre-built design and have a limited number of customization options. It allows you to have a fully functioning website at a much lower cost than a custom built design. It's usually ready to launch in less than two weeks unless non-standard customizations are ordered.  Due to the lower cost, template websites only include up to 15 hours of my time and have restrictions on what can be customized.

Note: As of January 2014, I am only scheduling template based designs and am taking a break from fully custom websites. This will stay in effect at least through spring & summer 2014.

Can I use my own photos in a template design?

Yes. The photo block you see in each template demo would be customized to use your own images. You're just need to make sure your photo is sized and oriented for what is needed for the template you want (ie: if all of your photos are vertically oriented, don't choose a template that requires horizontal shots). Photo restrictions will be listed in the details area for each template

How much do template websites cost?

Template websites are a flat $500 unless non-standard customizations are requested or we exceed 15 hours of development.  Due to the higher demand and shorter development time, template sites must be paid in full to confirm scheduling. There is no charge for hosting or a domain name the first year. After the first year, your hosting and domain can be renewed at my standard renewal rates.

What customization options are included?

Templates allow for the following standard customizations:

  • Logo & Tagline:
    The text, fonts and colors can be changed however you want

  • Design Photos:
    Photos embedded within the design on each page

  • Color Palette:
    Choice of 12 different color presets (including minor hue adjustments) or order a completely custom color palette for an additional $100 (includes 2hrs development on custom palette)

  • Sitemap:
    I'll set up to 10 pages for you. Additional pages can be added later within VedaCMS.

  • Advertising Banner:
    A custom banner to match your site will be included

  • Mobile Site:
    Your website includes a mobile version that is customized to match your main site colors & logo

What customization options are not included?

The following types of changes are non-standard customizations would require additional fees:

  • Layout Changes:
    The base layout can't be modified in any way unless you'd like to pay for extra development.

  • Custom Background Accents/Patterns:
    Design accents or background patterns are restricted to the pre-built options you see in the template demo unless you're able to provide the specific graphic(s) you want used as a replacement.

  • Fully Custom Color Palette:
    If you prefer to use a fully custom color scheme instead of one of the 12 color presets and light/dark background options, this can be added for an additional $100 to the base template fee. If you just want minor hue adjustments on one of the available preset colors, there will be no additional fee for that.

  • Custom Designed Entrance Page:
    Template sites don't include a custom designed entrance page.  The disclaimer can be set up on a separate page, but it would use the same design as the rest of the site. If a custom entrance page that uses a different design is desired, the time to create is would be charged at my normal maintenance rate of $50/hour. Most custom landing pages take 1-2 hours unless excessive revisions are needed to finalize it.

How many revisions do I get?

Templates are allowed up to two revisions for each customization type as long as the total amount of development time stays at or below 15 hours. If development exceeds 15 hours, you'll be invoiced at the end of development for the additional time (at my standard, $50/hour maintenance rate).

How long until the site is live?

I'll have the website fully developed & set up within 7 days. It's typically ready to launch within a 1-3 days after that unless there are extensive revisions or delays in communication. The exact amount of time varies, as it depends on revision requests, response times and delivery of materials.

Can I pay extra to modify the template layout?

Absolutely!  If you'd like something modified with your preferred template that isn't a standard (free) customization, you're welcome to pay my hourly maintenance rate for the additional work required ($50/hour).

What website features are included with the template?

All features within my base package except for a fully custom design and/or landing page. This includes use of my VedaCMS website editor and 1 year of free web hosting & domain.

Is web hosting included?

Yes. Like my custom design work, a year of free hosting and domain are offered to new clients, though both are completely optional.  We can also use your existing hosting account or domain, though your hosting server needs to be compatible with  VedaCMS.

Is anything else not included?

Although I'll do the initial insertion of page text and upload the first round of gallery photos, template clients are responsible for making any content adjustments past that point and populating their own links page. This includes editing the sample booking form included with the FormSentry.com account created for you.

Can I have different page names in the menu?

Absolutely.  I can customize the sitemap & menu labels however you like.  You'll also have the ability to adjust this on your own within your VedaCMS website manager.

How do I order a template site?

To order, please go to my contact page and make a request through the template form found under the 'Ordering a New Website' section.

Due to the short development time, template sites require the full payment up front to schedule. Non-standard customizations or extended development will be billed for separately at the end of development.