VedaCMS requires the server specs outlined below. 
If you will not be hosting your website with me, please be sure your server meets these requirements before sending payment.  Most features included with my design package require VedaCMS to be installed, so I'm unable to take on design projects that will be hosted on incompatible web servers.

Also note that third party server compatibility is not guaranteed, even if the following specs are met, as some hosts configure their security settings differently, which may prevent some tools from functioning properly. If hosting on your own server, additional time to troubleshoot installation problems would be billed for separately.

  • Unix-based Server (NOT Windows)

  • cPanel Control Panel*

  • PHP 5.4 or higher

  • mySQL 4 or higher

  • Mysqli enabled (needed for installation script)

  • GD2 Library

  • Safe Mode OFF

  • Ability to create database

  • phpMyAdmin

  • Ability to create and edit .htaccess file

  • Ability to utilize php file write functions (ie: fwrite)

  • Ability to CHMOD directories & files via php


Known Incompatible Hosts


The following are hosting providers I'm unable to install VedaCMS on due to incompatibilities, missing requirements or proprietary control panels that are too difficult to work with. There may be others, but these I know for certain after trying to work with them previously.


  • GoDaddy Hosting

  • Yahoo Hosting

  • iPower