Sending Confirmation Auto-Response Email

Follow the steps below to send a receipt or copy of the form data to the user who filled the form. Before you begin, ensure the form has an Email type of field that the user must enter.  This is the address the confirmation will be sent to.

Step 1:

Go to the Notifications settings page

Step 2:

Turn on the Send Confirmation Email to User checkbox and select the email field under the User Email Address dropdown. The auto-responder will be sent to the email address entered by the user into this field. 

Click the Save Settings button, and you should be good to go. Test by submitting your form to see the result.

Customizing Auto-Responder Email

The above steps will configure the auto-responder email using default settings. There are a lot of options you can adjust to customize the auto-responder email.

Click more options, and you'll see the complete email options.

The most important option is the From Email setting.

It's very important to use an email address originating from the same domain as your Form Sentry location to ensure email delivery.