VedaCMS includes a membership system that requires visitors to log in before they can view content that has been set as "Protected" or "Members Only".  


Types of Protected Content

You can set any of the following content as members only:

  • Content Pages

  • Photo Albums

  • Blog Posts

  • Videos

  • Calendar Entries

  • Entire Website (Site Wide Protection)

Site Wide Protection (*)

If wanting to protect the entire website from public access, you can choose between a simple passcode entry or a full member login. 

Option 1: Simple Passcode Login

The simple passcode option is separate from the built-in member manager.  It's designed to restrict access to your site, but not provide full member access in case there is additional content on the site set as "members only" that you don't want the simple passcode visitors to have access to.

Option 2: Full Member Login

A full member login means that visitors must have a user account within the "MEMBERS" area of VedaCMS.


Adding Members

There are a few different ways new members can be added, which vary depending on the version of VedaCMS you have installed.  Visit the 'How are members added?' KB article for more details.

How Members Login
In older versions of VedaCMS (anything prior to version 9.2), members login with their email address and whatever you have set as the universal member password.  The universal member password is set within 'Settings > Member Settings' of VedaCMS.  In newer versions (v9.2 and later) members still login with their email address as the username, but they have their own password that they're able to reset at any time. Visit the 'How do members login?' KB article for more details.