Form Sentry is an online form manager offered to all clients at no additional cost. 

Built-in Features

Admin & Security:

  • Form submissions over secure, SSL connection

  • Customize delivery email

  • Advanced logic/condition options

  • Control admin & visitor notifications

  • Capture & Lookup user IP address

  • Custom reports on field data

Editing Options:

  • Build new forms with an easy drag/drop interface

  • Edit existing form fields, labels, etc

  • Choose from most common field types

  • Create new form themes

  • Customize fonts, colors & other styles

  • Duplicate or delete forms


Configuration Options

Method 1:
SSL Submission & 30-day Secure Online Storage

With this option, the form is configured to submit data securely over an SSL connection directly into the form manager database.  Once saved, a generic notification is emailed to notify you of a new submission.

To view the details, you'd login to your form manager and go to the "Entries" area of the form. Submissions are saved & accessible online for up to 30 days. For security, older entries are purged - though there is an export option if backups are needed.

This configuration is most secure because form data never leaves the server. 

Method 2:
SSL Submission, 30 Day Encrypted Storage and Email Delivery


This option includes everything in Method 1 but with the form configured to send you a full or partial copy of all form data via email. Although form data is submitted securely over SSL to the server, this option is less secure unless you are sending to an email address hosted on the server. The reason for this is that individual field data emailed to you will not have that extra level of encryption and will no longer be transmitted over an SSL connection once it leaves the server for delivery to your off-server email address. A recommended configuration with this option is to only have the notification email send non-sensitive data, such as the sender's email address and date/time requested. At that point, you can login to your account to decrypt and view the full submission. Stored submissions MUST be viewed within 30 days, as they are deleted after that as a security measure.

How a form data is submitted:

  1. A visitor goes to your contact page and clicks on your Secure Booking Form link, which will open your form in a new window. You also have the option of embedding forms directly within your pages, though a pop-up link is recommended for accessibility to mobile visitors.

  2. Your secured contact form opens over an encrypted, SSL connection and is submitted securely to the server after they fill out their information and hit send.

  3. Form data is encrypted using AES and a unique KEY, then stored in your client account database. Depending on how you have the form configured, the system will notify you of a submission or forward a full or partial copy of form data to your email address.