VedaCMS is a complete, all-in-one, website manager that allows my design clients to edit and control almost every aspect of their website content. In addition to changing the text on each of your pages, it also comes bundled with a photo gallery, blog, calendar, mailing list, link exchange manager and (non-paid) membership system. The newest version (still in beta) even includes a simple video gallery.

Menu Manager:

  • Add newly created pages to main menu

  • Rename menu label

  • Reorder position of menu links

  • Ability to change link/hover color, size & font

  • Ability to link to external sites

Page Text:

  • Easily change the text content on any of your pages

  • Standard text formatting (font, color, bold, underline, bullets, etc)

  • Add text or image links

  • Ability to edit html source code of content area for those comfortable with doing so

  • Insert tables

  • Embed images into a page

Photo Gallery:

  • Ability to create multiple photo albums

  • Upload photos individually or several at once!

  • Simple, online editing functions (crop, resize, sharpen)

  • Delete or reorder photos on your gallery page

  • Ability to change album & photo thumbnail size and shape

  • Ability to watermark uploaded photos with text of your choice

  • Ability to add any photo to a special, members-only album

Video Gallery:

  • Ability to upload up to ten of your own HTML5 supported or Flash Videos

  • Ability to embed an unlimited number of videos from a 3rd party provider (ie: Vimeo, Youtube)

  • Create multiple video categories

  • Upload a thumbnail to use for the video link


  • Add, edit or remove calendar entries

  • Ability to span entry multiple days

  • Two display sizes available: Mini-calendar and Full size

  • Ability to edit the calendar display colors

  • Abilty to specify what a highlighted day means within the calendar legend


  • Easily add, edit and delete blog posts

  • Blog navigation links automatically generated on blog pages

  • Enable or disable the ability for members to post on blog posts

  • Any blog post can be set as viewable by website members only

Mailing List:

  • Add, delete or blacklist subscribers

  • Send out mailings to your mailing list subscribers from right within VedaCMS

  • Ability to create up to five different mailing lists

  • A 'Join Mailing List' link is automatically added to your website footer whenever you have one or more mailing lists created.

  • Admin is notified whenever a new subscriber joins a mailing list

  • Ability to set the colors for the subscriber Join box form

  • A special, 'Members Only' mailing list is automatically created whenever there are one or more website members

Link Manager

  • Easily add, edit or delete banners on your links page

  • Allows you to add banners in several ways (upload image, insert block of html code or hot-linked to banner file)

  • Unlimited link categories so you can keep your links page organized

  • Reorder links or categories as desired

Membership System (non-paid):

  • Set any of your content pages, photos or blog posts as viewable to members only.

  • Member login link is automatically generated and placed in your website footer whenever you have content, blog or photos set to private

  • Option to completely automate membership requests by activating a request form on the login box

  • Admin can approve/deny pending membership requests from within VedaCMS

  • Members can also be added manually from within VedaCMS

  • Note: VedaCMS DOES NOT allow you to update your contact form or photos used as part of your website design. The only photos you can update are those displayed on your gallery page.

Mobile Site:

  • Add any of your main pages to the mobile-friendly version of your site

  • Edit the colors of the mobile site template

  • Choose to have mobile users automatically redirected to mobile site

  • Add a custom logo or header graphic to the mobile site template

Universal Site Settings:

  • Edit the meta tags for each of your pages all on your own

  • Disable right-clicking on your site

  • Disable search engine caching of your site

  • Add background music

  • Temporarily take site offline & set a custom message

The difference between VedaCMS and cPanel

It is important to understand that VedaCMS and your hosting cPanel are two completely separate systems. cPanel is your hosting control panel and is used for managing or monitoring aspects of your hosting account (domain email address, website visitor statistics, file manager, etc). VedaCMS is a website editor and is used for actually updating your web page content.

The systems are completely independent of one another. If you change the password for one, it will NOT be updated in the other system. If you want to change your password for both VedaCMS and your hosting cPanel, you would need to log into each system separately to do so.