Icon Description
Click to view or edit html source code of this page.
Quick save. Can be used instead of the large save button outside of the editor.
Print contents of this page.
Pre-coded content blocks.
Cut selected content
Copy selected content
Paste content that has been copied or cut to clipboard
Undo last action
Redo action after using undo button
Find text
Find and replace text
Select all content on page
Spellcheck content
Upload and insert Flash element (.swf file)
Insert table
Insert horizontal rule (a line divider)
Insert a special character
Insert a div block (advanced)
View block elements. Editor use only. Has no impact on website.
Make selected text bold
Make selected text italic
Underline selected text
Strikethrough selected text
Format selected text to subscript
Format selected text to superscript
Remove formatting from selected content
Create number list
Icon Description
Create bullet list
Indent content left
Indent content right
Insert blockquote
Align content left
Center align content
Right align content
Justify align content
Left to right paragraph
Right to left paragraph
Insert Link
Remove selected link
Insert link anchor
Pre-defined formatting styles
Select text format type
Font family
Text Size
Text Color
Text Background Color
Insert Image. Also includes option to upload from your computer.
Upload and insert a thumbnail image that links to larger size
Upload and insert image. Will be resized if over 400 pixels wide.
Insert link to VedaCMS pop-up calendar.
Insert pop-up link to SecureForm (you need to know the full URL to your form)
Insert link to Join Mailing List form
Insert a block of html code. Eg: banner exchange code or similar. You MUST use this tool. HTML code cannot be pasted directly into the editor without using this tool.
Embed html5 compatible video file on the page